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Updated: January, 2022

About Kaya Responsible Travel

Make a real difference to someone else’s life, whilst changing your own. If you are ready to see the world, and to experience cultures and landscapes that are so far from your own, then volunteering abroad is a fantastic way to do that.

Kaya gives you the opportunity to gain invaluable work experience overseas, and to embark upon a fantastic adventure that will change your vision of the world. Most importantly of all perhaps, is that the volunteer projects Kaya Responsible Travel works with are all sustainable, ethical projects that work with communities, for communities. Kaya works in many different fields of volunteer projects, from conservation, to healthcare, to community development and education.

Kaya’s expert team of advisors will work with you to find you the placement that you want. They will ensure that whatever skills or experience you are bringing with you will genuinely benefit the project that you are placed with.

Kaya placements are flexible in length, and available all year round. Of the hundreds of projects that they work with, there is definitely something for everyone - whether you have professional or academic experience, or whether you just want to lend a hand and to learn from your project leaders.

If you are really looking to kick-start your career, or you have skills and experience that you feel could be both nurtured and valued in a developing community, Kaya Responsible Travel offers structured internships in a vast range of subject areas. These include marketing, journalism, healthcare, business development, veterinary work and many other specialised areas.

The projects that Kaya works with run across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Whilst on placement, a lot of volunteers and interns choose to stay with a homestay family. This is a great way to fully immerse yourself, and to truly learn about the culture and community you are visiting. You will have the support of staff on the ground 24hrs a day, should you need any help or assistance during your stay. Most placements include 3 meals a day, airport pick-up and drop off, and accommodation costs.

The Kaya Responsible Travel mission is to spread a love of global travel and volunteering, in the belief that cultural connections will form the foundations of a better world.

Kaya Responsible Travel has a commitment to supporting local sustainable grassroots projects. With Kaya you can travel responsibly in the knowledge that together we are making a world of difference.

Work sectors

business, consulting and management, teaching and education, creative arts and culture, animals, plants and agriculture, charities and voluntary work



Africa, Asia, Latin America

How to apply

Speak to our advisors on the best options for you, then book online through our application form

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